Top 7 Reasons Why Americans Love Montreal

You can legally drink at 18 years old

Why should you wait until you’re 21 years old to have some fun? By the time Montrealers reach 21, most of the us have already frequented every bar and club in town. Montreal is a great place for Americans aged 18-21 who want to go out, drink and party until 3am.


Bang for your buck

The most popular American destinations such as New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas offers some of the greatest nightlife and parties in the world. The downside? It’s not cheap! Montreal has some of the most competitive prices for beers and drinks in all of North America. Even bottle service at nightclubs are affordable compared to American cities. You can have an amazing time in Montreal with less than half of what you would pay in NYC.


Beautiful women

Montreal is known for its beautiful women but most important, Montreal women are down-to-earth and easy-going! Learn a little bit of French and you’re already ahead of the game.


Easy to get around

Montreal is an older city so everything was initially built for easy access, pedestrian friendly and great walkability. The best way to experience Montreal is through walking and public transport. The metro (subway) system brings you to all the major hot spots in Montreal and costs less than a Starbucks coffee. You can enjoy all of Montreal without ever stepping foot in a car or taxi. As a matter of fact, we recommend avoiding driving in Montreal unless you absolutely have to – the traffic in this city is unbearable during rush hour.



Montreal is considered one of the safest cities in Canada and the world. Most tourists will visit the Downtown and Old Port which are extremely safe both during the day and at night. Overall, Montreal is a safe city due to an adequate police presence and strict gun laws.


Full nude, full contact strip clubs

Montreal is most known for its liberal strip clubs. Compared to most American strip clubs, Montreal strip clubs have very little rules. Strip clubs are fully licensed to sell alcohol, the dancers are full nude, all dances are given in a private room, full contact is encouraged, low entrance fees… All in all, if you’re looking to plan a bachelor party – Montreal should definitely be on your list.


New Years Eve Parties that won’t kill your wallet

In most cases, we suggest tourists to visit Montreal during summer to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor festivities. The only exception to the rule is New Years Eve. NYE in Montreal is the best time to visit the night clubs and parties, especially if you are aged between 18 and 21. Celebrities, famous DJs and artists often come to Montreal during NYE. The best parties this year can be found here: