What is the legal drinking age in Montreal?

The legal drinking age in Montreal (and the whole province is Quebec) is 18 years old. It is also the legal age to purchase cigarettes, buy lottery tickets and legally gamble at a local casino.


Drinking age is the same for tourists and locals

Tourists are absolutely welcome to drink alcohol in Montreal if they are over 18 years old. Many American tourists aged 18-21 will visit Montreal to drink and party – we encourage it!


Going out to drink

As long as you are 18 years old, you can legally frequent any bar, night club, strip club and other alcohol-serving establishment in Montreal! The only exception is when the venue establishes a minimum age to enter their venue, for example, some night clubs will only allow people who are 25 and older. Please ALWAYS bring your ID. In most cases, a drivers license is sufficient but passports are always accepted anywhere.


Drinking in public

No! You are NOT allowed to drink alcohol in public. If an officer sees you drinking in public, you will receive a hefty fine. Some bars and restaurants will have a terrace or patio area where you can legally enjoy drinking alcohol while under the sun.


Where to party?

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